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Disadvantages of a Medicaid Trust

The decision to incorporate a Medicaid Asset Protection Trust (MAPT) into your estate plan is nuanced, with a spectrum of considerations that extend well beyond its apparent benefits. Comprehending the potential disadvantages of MAPTs is

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What is Medicaid’s Estate Recovery Program?

After becoming incapacitated, older adults often require assistance in covering the high expenses of continued care. The mounting bills can be daunting, and being approved for Medicaid can bring significant relief. However, it’s essential to

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How Does New York State Gift Tax Work?

Gift taxes are a financial obligation imposed on a person’s right to transfer property to another person without receiving fair market value in return. Giving someone a gift that exceeds a specific value may require

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Five Common Types of Wills in New York

It’s never too early to prepare a Will. Although death is not something most people want to think about, it might be prudent to prepare a plan in case of the unexpected. People with significant

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Questions to Ask a Probate Attorney

Understanding the nuances of the probate process is crucial to safeguarding your loved one’s legacy and ensuring their final wishes are honored with respect and fidelity. The importance of a clear path through the probate

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Medicaid Income Limits NY 2024

For many Long Island residents, Medicaid serves as a critical safety net, providing access to quality healthcare services they might not otherwise afford. Medicaid is especially beneficial for low-income families, the elderly, pregnant women, individuals

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